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Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia 1943.
ALFRED JAMES BLOND is first on left in front row.

ALFRED JAMES BLOND (Q107130) from Brisbane was a soldier in the 5th Australian Field Regiment Company. He enlisted on 7 May 1941 in Brisbane and was called up for duty on 10 January 1942. His son GARY BLOND, has a copy of his father's “ Service and Casualty Form “.

Alf was then sent to Darwin arriving there on 8 July 1943. Research reveals that there were a total of 64 air raids by the Japanese on Darwin. Raid number 58 occurred on 6 July 1943. Six further raids occurred during Alf's  time in Darwin.
Archives Fact Sheet 195 - The bombing of Darwin

He subsequently became a member of 1 Aust. L of C, Provost company. It appears that he was then transferred back from Darwin to Queensland in March 1945. His promotion to Corporal was confirmed in August 1945. He was discharged from the Army on 17 January 1946.

"Honours, Decorations or Medals"  issued:-
Defence Medal, War Medal, Australian Service Medal.

Note link to 5th Field Regiment R.A.A. Plaque in Darwin, N.T.

R.A.A. Plaque in Darwin

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